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Where the Honeymoon Never Ends!
Where the Honeymoon Never ends
— Garry hoover


Honeymoon Trail Winery is located on the Historic Honeymoon Trail (route 104) and the Niagara Escarpment. We are just minutes from Niagara Falls, and Lake Ontario.

"Honeymoon Trail Winery" was opened in 2005 under the new ownership of Garry and Lori Hoover. This winery was built in 1970 and was originally named "Niagara Winery" before it became a gun stock store in the 1990's. Garry and Lori were thrilled to turn it back into a winery. 

Garry, not only had a passion for wine making, but his talent and expertise shone in his creation of delicious award winning wines. He produced wines that made the connection between the land and the glass. The winery's mission was, and still is, to produce quality wines relying on the freshest local New York State ingredients. The result- - You cant drink just a glass, you have to finish the entire bottle!


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Tina’s Table

Tina’s April Cooking Demonstration, And other Baked Goods.